English Summary

About Jäj!

Jäj is a portal for gender equality in Jönköping County. The portal has been developed by the county administrative board and regional government in Jönköping.

Jäj is developed to be of support to anyone working with gender equality, or wanting to start working with gender equality, either internally within their organisation or externally as a part of their business model. The platform also offers a space for sharing knowledge and best practices, as well as collaboration and further learning. We wish to highlight gender equality work and interventions in Jönköping County, to promote community awareness and continuous learning on the topic.

Organizations can choose to become affiliated with Jäj! To do so, the organisation’s management needs to fill in a survey here. There is no cost nor any obligations, we just wish to create a community for those engaged in gender equality. Who can become affiliated? Any organization, company or business who works with, or want to start working with gender equality. The affiliated organisations will, if they want, be promoted on our website and Instagram, and thus help further awareness and create good publicity for the organisations.

Everyone can say Jäj!

Leaders and decisionmakers in the public or private sector, as well as civil society, can actively contribute to achieving gender equality. Gender equality work and gender mainstreaming will see better success if it is anchored with the management, but everyone, no matter their position, can contribute to and promote a gender equal county.

What does Jäj stand for?

Jäj is short for mställdhet i Jönköpings län (translated: gender equality in Jönköping County). It is pronounced just like the English celebratory Yay! We say Jäj! to gender equality in our county!